Friday, June 19, 2009

Mill Road set for 20mph limit?

Mill Road could be set for a 20mph limit, after a meeting held a couple of weeks ago involving Petersfield and Romsey Councillors, Mill Road traders and other interested parties invited to discuss proposals for a road safety scheme on the road.

Unfortunately Coleridge Conservatives weren't on the guest list for this meeting, so it is unclear exactly what was 'agreed' at the workshop, but we understand the meeting concluded that a 20mph speed limit, along with some more subtle measures at junctions would be the best way forward.

The County Council are now likely to put such a plan out to wider consultation.

Obviously we need to see some detailed proposals, but introducing a blanket 20mph speed limit on such a major road is likely to be controversial - and potentially unnecessary. For starters, the police could take the problem of darkly clothed unlit cyclists using the road at night more seriously, and issue tickets every day until people get the message that this unacceptable, and then work on driver education so more care is taken at junctions. What is clear is that the accident record on Mill Road, like that on Hills Road is far too high and the pressure to take action is strong.

The precise proposals however are a long way from a 'done deal', and when any proposals go out for consultation, we need to make sure everyone in the City affected can have their voice heard.

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Steve Tierney said...

The argument that "slower means safer" is one of those dangerous logic traps.

Why not 5 MPH or 2 MPH or 0 MPH for no accidents at all? Maybe we should drive backwards at slower than walking speed while four circus clowns walk before us waving banners and balloons?

The sensible route is to look for a balance between safety and the need for people to be able to travel effectively.

Is twenty miles an hour the sensible speed? I doubt it. The "experts" have spent years on TV ads telling us "It's thirty for a reason" but now, suddenly, its a third less? Have cars got less safe then? Has technology gone backwards?

I would support 20 MPH outside schools. Elsewhere, it seems bad policy to me. If this is passed then in a couple of years time it'll be 15, or 10 MPH that the safety campaigners are getting righteous about.

I don't mean to devalue the suffering of people who have been harmed in road accidents. I'm sure if I had a family member who was hit by a car I'd want to ban them from the road forever. But that wouldn't make me right. Just passionate and angry.

Better eduction for drivers and pedestrians are more tangible enforcement of the regulations we DO have seem a better way to do. What's more dangerous - a guy talking on his mobile while he drives at 20 and not looking at the road, or a guy doing 30 and paying careful attention to his surroudings? You tell me.