Saturday, July 5, 2008

Coleridge hit by Post Office Closures

Although the list of Cambridgeshire Post Office closures is not officially announced until 10th July, the CEN is reporting that the St Johns Post Office on Hills Road, just inside Coleridge ward is amongst the 3 in Cambridge to shut.

I will be making the case as best as possible for this post office not to be closed - as well as being my closest post office, it seems well used and is an area of huge new developments - including the site opposite that has just been granted planning permission for over 100 new homes - to close it now would be very short sighted indeed.

Yet again Coleridge is being let down by a Labour government that will have shut over a third of the post office network by the time it is thrown out of office in 2010. Prior to the latest 3 closures, the number of Post Offices in Cambridge had already fallen from 21 in 1999 to 16.

The Conservatives have put forward an action plan to allow a better business case to be made for keeping Post Offices open, and tried to stop the closures in parliament.

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