Thursday, July 17, 2008

Complete our latest survey on line

If you are a Coleridge resident, you should shortly be receiving our latest In Touch newsletter.

This month we are including a resident's survey covering two of the key issues in the ward at the moment - speeding and rat-running on residential roads, and crime/anti-social behaviour. We are keen to know your views on these issues, so we can try to persuade the powers that be to take some action.

In particular, as mentioned before, there may be scope for residents action groups to tackle speeding drivers, so we are keen to know if any local residents are interested in this idea and would like to help take it forward.

On crime and anti-social behaviour, we are concerned about under-reporting of problems, and want to make sure that the police and City Council are fully aware of all the problems so they can direct appropriate resources.(We will be discussing all the problems noted with the police, anonymously unless you are happy to let the police know who is reporting the problems). And the police are also trying to restart neighbourhood watch schemes, so we are keen to hear from residents interested in getting involved in this.

For the first time in Coleridge, the survey is available online at

The resident's survey is intended for Coleridge residents, but if you are elsewhere in the City and have strong views on the issues, please feel free to fill in the survey and we will try to follow up the issues.

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