Saturday, July 12, 2008

Post Office Meeting Changed

The City Council's main consultation meeting about the post office closures has had its date changed from 22nd July - it will now be held on Monday 11th August, from 7pm at the Guildhall.

Opposing the post office closures planned for Cambridge needs everyone to work together - the last thing we need is this sort of shambolic organisation from the Liberal Democrats running Cambridge City Council. At the Councillor briefing on Thursday, there was no mention of a date change. By Friday evening, a press release had been issued changing the date without consultation - at least with the Conservative representative on the panel.

The official excuse is to dump the Council officers in it: "This is to give officers more time to publicise the meeting to ensure that as many people as possible can attend and have their say." They have had weeks to publicise the meeting date, it has been in diaries for ages. We have heard a different excuse, and will certainly want to know if any senior Cambridge Liberal Democrats are on a foreign trip on the 22nd July.

Our latest In Touch newsletter was printed in Friday - it will now need to be delivered with a correction slip. I just hope residents aren't put out by either turning up on the previously publicised date, or because they are on holiday on the new date.

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