Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hills Road Roadworks - Update

I've had some information back from the Guided Bus team following the myriad of complaints about the effect of the single lane working:

"The single lane operation has been introduced to provide a safety zone around the piling rig. The piling rig is in effect a very large drill. Although there are devices to prevent this happening there is a risk of material sticking to the drill and falling off from a considerable height. The closure of the extra lane and the footpath are to ensure that if this happens it doesn't land on a member of the public. I appreciate that it may appear that the lane is not being used, or only used to park vehicles, but this is not in fact the case. The lane is re-opened as soon as possible after piling operations are concluded.

The first phase of piling should have been completed yesterday. So there will be a respite for a week or so while the road surface istemporarily re-instated and the traffic management re-organised to allowus to pile the central section. There are fewer piles in this section so it should be done more quickly."

And while I remember, I did get an explanation from the police as to why they were targetting cyclists on the pavements on the Hills Road Bridge earlier:

"the ticketing of cyclists on the pavement there was at the request of the South area committee in response to complaints by pedestrians and was part of agreed action on priorities".

In case you are interested, members of the South Area Committee can be contacted as follows:

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