Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Post Office Closure Links

Following the news that Coleridge ward is to be hit by the closure of St Johns post office, here are some links to further information that may be helpful.

County Council press release listing closures.

Cambridgeshire ACRE advice page on closures. Details on how to complain are in the document here - it suggests that complaints need to address the issues in the branch access report here - the Coleridge branch facing closure is on page 55. A good line of attack to start with might be the huge numbers of additional dwellings due to be built in the immediate neighbourhood (most of which assume ludicrously low levels of car ownership!)

The Conservatives Post Offices action plan and online petition.

Cambridge City Council Post Office Closures page

City Council closure meeting press release.

The Post Office 'Network Change Program' (aka shutting post offices) pages - follow the links to information about the closure program and how to register your complaint.

Please write to the post office as indicated in the links above or attend the City Council's meeting on 22nd July (7pm to 9pm in the Large Hall at the Guildhall) to complain about Labour's post office closure program hitting Coleridge.

UPDATE: The meeting date has been changed at late notice to 11th August.

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