Monday, July 14, 2008

Coleridge Traffic Issues on the Agenda

Two Coleridge traffic issues were subject to petitions at the Cambridge Traffic Management Area Joint Committee today.

Credit where it is due to the former Labour Councillor for Coleridge who in his role as a school governor supported parents bringing a petition requesting a new pedestrian crossing on Perne Road – close to the schools on Radegund Road. Most shocking aspect of this is the fact that there has been no lollipop person at the site for some time despite there being a vacancy for some years – and it was felt that the problems of dealing with secondary school pupils might have affected the ability to recruit. The petition was noted and various suggestions for budgets that might finance a crossing were given. However in the first instance, I don’t think it should be beyond the Council to get this vacancy filled – be in touch if anyone has any suggestions.

Less credit to Labour Councillors on the issue of parking controls on Rustat Road – unfortunately they failed to respond to requests for areas to consider for consultation for on street parking controls, and a decision was made as recently as April 2008 to consult in neighbouring areas of Queen Ediths, and it is difficult to revisit a decision just made within 12 months – as I found out when I asked for urgent action on this soon after election.

A petition was presented now asking for Rustat Road to be included in the consultation exercise due to occur in Queen Ediths. There is a real problem now in Rustat Road, and the new developments with permission on the Tim Brinton site and The Cambridge Water site, and the massive application currently under consideration for the station area will all add to the problems, as will any new parking controls in Queen Ediths. Despite pleas from myself and one of our Labour Councillors and support from Labour and the Conservative County Councillor on this committee, the Lib Dems blocked the plea to include the area in consultations for new parking controls – instead preferring the dogs breakfast of consulting Rustat Road residents on what they think of new parking controls in Queen Ediths. They just don’t seem to care about residents outside their ward. As we are both moving in the same direction, I hope Labour ward Councillors can work with me to tackle this issue going forwards.

Also on the agenda was the problematic signage for 2-way cycle usage on one way streets. I’m still waiting for a meaningful reply from my email to the government...

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