Monday, April 28, 2008

Declarations of Interest

I had to take some time out of the Coleridge campaign yesterday to help at a rowing event - I'm treasurer of a boat club in the City, so was on entries secretary duties yesterday. This has delayed my final newsletter slightly, but the presses are now rolling!

As a Councillor I would have to make declarations of interest. Not sure being treasurer of a boat club is ever going to be relevant, but I am a member of several other campaign groups:

I'm a member of No2ID nationally, and help them campaign in Cambridge. The thought of having to carry a compulsory ID card is not something I would wish to entertain, but particularly not when it would be attached to a national database that would seek to track my every move as I access all manner of public and private sector services - i.e. a one stop shop for the identity thief and and toolkit to help the state harass the generally law abiding whilst ignoring the seriously dangerous who will obviously operate outside the system - thats in the unlikely event that they will ever getting it working, despite the millions it will cost to try.

I'm a member of Cambridge Cycle Campaign, and want to see cyclists get a better deal - but don't think it is necessary for them to be quite so anti-car in the process.

Finally, I am a member of CAMRA, the campaign for real ale. I think a key part of CAMRA campaigning it to protect pubs, particularly those in isolated rural areas, and to encourage responsible behaviour in pubs, both of which aims I wholeheartedly agree with.

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