Thursday, April 24, 2008

Europe and the cost of living

One of the reasons why so many people I'm speaking to are not going to vote Labour at this election is that they are fed up with the way prices for fuel, food, council tax, electricity, gas etc etc are rocketing up, whilst the Government continues to insist everything is fine and inflation is only around 2%.

I was discussing the huge rises in just about every type of foodstuff with a voter on the doorstep yesterday and had a thought:

Is the EU spending taxpayers money providing farming subsidies to farmers who are or could be growing these crops that are now being priced so highly on the world markets?

If so, is there any justification for this, or should now not be the ideal time to stop all forms of agricultural subsidy in the EU, as it would remove the burden of subsidies on the taxpayer once and for all, which could then be used to help people suffering from higher prices on just about everything...

So I've just written to Robert Sturdy MEP, one of Eastern Region's excellent Conservative MEPs and farming expert to ask this very question!

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