Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Post Offices: 'Nothing to do with me'

As reported in todays CEN, Gordon Brown has claimed that closures threatening Cambridge post offices are 'nothing to do with me'.

Politicians have a bad enough name as it is - it really doesn't help that when Labour's unpopular policies are carried out, it claims it is nothing to do with them. In this case the Royal Mail is blamed - despite it being Labour policy to carry out the closures, and the government recently turned down Conservative plans to save them in the House of Commons. They do this with the NHS - if a Primary Care Trust announces cuts, it is always the fault of the PCT, a quango run by government appointees. As an ordinary voter, how are the boards of these organisations controlled - where is the democracy in their decision making?

Answer, the only democratic control is via the Government, and they implement the Government's policies. When those policies are unpopular, it is the Government who is to blame. Gordon Brown likes to announce and re-announce things he thinks will be popular - he should have some bottle and take responsibility for his ever increasing number of unpopular decisions.

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