Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Footpath lighting for Corrie/Brackyn Roads

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey in March of Brackyn Road and Corrie Road with regard to signs for cyclists and pedestrians, street lighting and parking. I include a summary of the results at the end of this posting.

The latest news from the city and county councils on the project to install a new lighting column is that the county council would be able to pay the running costs and that, with the support of local residents, a safe city bid may be successful in paying for the capital costs.

The proposed new light would direct all light downwards. There are two possible locations: near the flats or by the verge. Please let us know if you have any preferences!

Signs directing pedestrians and cyclists through the roads
Every respondent supported this, although there is some concern that the scheme drawn up by the council is bigger than needed and may have the (unwanted to some) effect of directing people through the area who had not already intended to go through it.

Additional street lighting for connecting path
This also was fully supported, and some people were willing to put their names to a grant application. This will be useful for the next stage in the process.

Commuter parking problems
Opinion was divided on the existence and extent of the problem. Yellow lines, at least on corners, were the most popular remedy.


We sadly had to exclude one particular anonymous response from the results. Coleridge Conservatives have produced a number of surveys during the year and we use the information received to help guide our campaigning on local issues, so we were disappointed that an anonymous Labour supporter apparently using a computer where Labour's county council candidate works tried to sabotage the survey by entering a spurious on-line submission.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder who that was, ha ha!
A Labour win would be a disaster
for Coleridge and more-so Cambridge as a whole. I used to Vote Labour, never again!!!