Friday, May 29, 2009

Speeding priority moves forward

Following our victory at East Area committee on police speeding enforcement, I have been trying to help move forward this priority, and suggested the following action plan:
  • Ask Councillors in East Area what the key problem roads are that they would like to see tackled. (For Coleridge I suggest Coleridge Road and Birdwood Road top priorities, then Rustat Road and Cherry Hinton Road).
  • Prioritise Roads for consideration.
  • Use speed monitoring equipment (as used in Queen Ediths Way to assess situation prior to action)
  • Police enforcement action, backed up with local publicity, press, Speedwatch etc. over a period of time.
  • Use speed monitoring equipment again to determine if actions have had an effect even when enforcement patrols not present.
  • Evaluate if we have learnt anything useful for tackling this problem going forwards
These suggestions have now been considered by the officers Neighbourhood Action Group and they will come up with their version of the plan - we will be taking a close interest in this to ensure it reflects the priority adopted by the committee.

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Richard Taylor said...

From a Romsey E-cops email on the 19th of August:

"Speed Gun results, well where to start. We had decided on 3 strategic placements along Mill Road, Brookes Road and Coldhams Lane respectfully and then after we had discovered some fresh batteries for the Speed gun were pretty much stopped in our tracks. We ventured out of the Station at about 15.30 and headed on to Mill Road where our timing for this operation was… lets say… questionable (as we were stuck in traffic). Never the less we ventured on and plotted up on Mill Road outside the old warehouse site. I set up the Speed gun and with Mandy poised with pen in hand recorded the first reading, 12mph at 120 meters away. After 5 minutes we moved onto Coldhams lane and had the same story there, Traffic. We have however learnt that the speed gun is a very effective tool as I was getting accurate readings from over 200 meters away… when there was a gap in the traffic long enough to get a reading. That outing was a learning curve for us and we will be aiming to use the Speed gun at more free-flow traffic times. Our next outing has not yet been confirmed but we will again let you know so you can bring us tea and biscuits, if you like."