Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two of our councillors are missing!

There was much bleating from Labour after the mildest suggestion in a newsletter earlier this year that Coleridge may see rather more of the Conservatives and particular members of the local Labour team than some of our elected Labour councillors, but since then Labour have been much keener to show the names of all three of our Coleridge Labour councillors.

So we were surprised to see the following on a letter that had been distributed by Labour to parts of the ward. Can it really be true that for the two Coleridge Labour councillors that live on the other side of Cambridge, they couldn't even get hold of them to sign their names at the bottom of a letter?


Anonymous said...

This doesn't surprise me at all.
I have lived in the ward for over
a year now and I had no idea who my county councillor was. To find out only at election time is poor form.
To discover he doesn't even live near Coleridge is ridiculous as he has been our Labour councillor for 8 years apparently...

Chris Howell said...

Your outgoing County Councillor lives on Abbey Road, and one of your City Councillors lives on Gilbert Road.