Friday, May 8, 2009

Hills Road Single Lane working to start Monday

The Guided Bus team have confirmed that the final stage of single lane working on Hills Road bridge on Monday, saying:

"Cambridge Water Company have completed their water main diversion as planned. BAM Nuttall are now preparing for the piling which will start on Monday 11th May as previously discussed.
Single lane working will be introduced from Monday morning.  BNL will be probing to check for obstructions on Monday. The Piling rig will be delivered on Monday evening after 7pm and will be set up on Tuesday with a view to starting piling on Tuesday afternoon. BNL plan to finish on Monday 18th May and will work through the weekend if required. The traffic management will be as before albeit on the opposite side of the bridge."

Following my request, supported by other local Councillors, the City Council is making available CCTV to cover the works, so if any cyclists etc are involved in incidents on the bridge, please be in touch if you would like me to ask the Council to review tapes. Fingers crossed that this work will finish on time, and the traffic nightmare will finally be behind us.

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