Saturday, May 30, 2009

Police Raid Golding Road Address

I've had the following from the police via ecops:

"Yesterday a warrant was carried out at an address in Golding road. As a result of this a large amount of what is believd to be class A drugs were discovered and five people were arrested. Class A drugs include Heroin and Crack Cocaine. This warrant was carried out because of information received from local residents and your local officers. If this is proved to be Class A then the total value would be in the thousands of pounds, a significant amount. I would like to thank all the people that gave me information and please continue to do so. Sometimes it may seem we are not acting fast enough but we have to make sure these things are carried out at the right time."

If this is the address I am thinking of, then the police have known about it for ages - I certainly passed on resident concerns over a year ago, and I will be interested to know the outcome. If the people arrested are found guilty of serious drug offences, I will have questions for several authorities about why this was allowed to go on so long.

However, incidents of this type are relatively rare in Coleridge, and with the support of local residents, we can make sure dealing in illegal drugs is stamped on very hard and as quickly as possible.


Richard Taylor said...

I think the justice system would benefit from more transparency.

While anyone prepared to put up with a bit of security theatre can sit in the public gallery justice isn't really being administered in public if there is no way of knowing when a particular case is going to be heard. I would like more detailed court listings made available online.

Outcomes of court cases are currently reported only on an ad-hoc basis (often when they provide a positive news story for the police). I think if more information was routinely published that would act as a driver for improving the system as many more eyes would be watching it at work.

Chris Howell said...

Anonymous - I've not published your comment, I think most residents of the area will know the property in question...