Thursday, May 28, 2009

Postal Votes being received

Postal ballot papers for the County and Euro elections should have been posted late last week, and will be arriving imminently if not already.

We would encourage everyone to return them promptly, but if it does get too late to post, they can be returned (fully completed per the instructions) to your usual polling station on polling day, June 4th. The instructions need to be followed very carefully, especially the declaration, or the vote won't count (I understand that if the signature or date of birth is missing/wrong, the ballot papers aren't even opened...). If you need to be issued with a new ballot paper, or need any help, please ring electoral services at the City Council on 01223 457048.

The Euro ballot paper is a bit of a monster - 14 parties. I would urge everyone to vote Conservative obviously, but I was having chat in the pub last week with a friend who works for Labour's Eastern region MEP. 

We disagree on many things, but the one thing we did agree on was what a bizarre reaction to the expenses problems of MPs a UKIP vote would be. They really do win hands down when it comes to dreadful behaviour or failing to stand up for their constituents. Of the 12 elected at the last European elections, one-third have left or been expelled since. 1, Ashley Mote was found guilty of 21 counts of fraud and sent to jail. Another, the Eastern region's Tom Wise has been charged with false accounting and money laundering. And the ones that do remain have failed to stick up for British interests in Europe - voting to let French and Spanish trawlors fish in British waters, voting against laws to cut down on red tape, and voting against free trade to open up markets and help developing countries. No wonder former leader Robert Kilroy-Silk said "Frankly I don't rate any [of UKIP's MEPs]... I was embarassed at their behaviour, their naivety and their immaturity and their stupidity"

If a protest vote now allows a hard working Conservative MEP, who would stand up for Britain to be replaced by another UKIP waste of space (or worse), it would be very bad news for Britain.

I've already posted my ballot paper!

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