Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meeting Building Control

I've arranged to meet up with a Building Control officer at the Council today to talk about building control, its role and powers etc, along with one of our Labour ward Councillors.

We would like to be discussing Tiverton House, and what the potential building control issues are for that building, but unfortunately the City Council's legal officers have advised that because another Building Controller is already working on the project for the developer, the Council's own officer can't even discuss the specifics of Tiverton House in any way. All I am trying to do is ensure that there is some way that local residents are given a voice over the future of Tiverton House - so it is a blow that as a local Councillor I can't get proper access to the information required, but hopefully we can get something useful out of the meeting today.

When I questioned the Executive Councillor for housing over Tiverton House at last weeks Area Committee, she was completely unaware that we can't talk to Building Control about Tiverton House, nor did she seem aware at all of the chaos her decision to flog off the building to the highest bidder had caused - we did however hear that the money that was supposedly required to complete the refurbishment program for other sheltered housing may not be enough - there is still no clear plan for the redevelopment of Seymour Court... I think the message may be starting to get through though that local residents aren't happy.

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