Friday, May 1, 2009

Perne Road Shops

The Perne Road shops saga is extremely frustrating for local Councillors - the only powers that the Council has (i.e. the Council policy of compulsory purchase to bring empty property back into use) are draconian and not be be used lightly (particularly if the owner appears to be co-operating), but progress towards bringing a scheme in front of planners seems to have been dragging on for ever.

About three months ago we wrote to nearby residents about plans for the Perne Road shops that had just been presented to us by the owners and their agent/architect to bring the flats back into use - with planning discussions apparantly imminent. At the time we didn't give too much detail, as it did all seem too good to be true, and so it has been that months have passed - we have twice chased up the planning department and the owners about progress in this time. It does now however sound like they are ready to move forward with one or other plan for the site, after progress in commercial discussions.

We aren't holding our breath, and if things aren't demonstrably moving soon, it may be time to remind the owners that the Council does have powers to take action, even if we are a long way from that stage at the moment.

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